AT METEC Driver Training, we have been successfully conducting our Schools Driver Program, for Year 9 to 11 students, for over 40 years.

We currently provide our School Driver Program to more than 80 schools across Metropolitan Melbourne and Regional Victoria. We also provide Low Risk & Defensive Driving Courses.

Our program provides both theory and practical driving experience on 5 km of closed, sealed roads, with features including traffic lights, roundabouts, rail crossings and intersections.

All driving is undertaken in dual control cars with qualified driving instructors who provide students with the best opportunity to develop safe driving techniques and skills.

At METEC we offer a variety of School Driver Programs ranging from 5.5 hours to 20 hours in duration. 

** A Learner permit is not required to use our closed road facility.

What will the students learn?

Courses are aimed to provide Year 9-11 students with in class driver education sessions on road law, appropriate driver behaviour and the effects of driver distraction paired with a real driving experience.

After learning the road rules, students practice driving with an accredited and highly experienced driving instructor in dual controlled vehicles at our closed road facility. The facility provides a realistic and safe environment for inexperienced drivers.

Early road safety education produces positive driving attitudes and develops higher order skills in learner drivers. On completion of our driving course, most students find that they are better prepared for on-road practice with an instructor or supervising driver.

Practical Driving

Tuition may include the following:

  • Graduated Licensing Program
  • Driver Set-up
  • Operation of Vehicle Controls
  • Moving off
  • Changing Gears and Clutch Control (manual vehicles)
  • Stopping Safely – Brake Control
  • Steering Techniques
  • Observation and Hazard Perception
  • Application of Road Rules
  • Vehicle Manoeuvring
  • Encouraging a positive and safe attitude to driving and other road users.
  • Hazard perception
  • Driver Distraction

VicRoads Year 10 Road Smart Program

This program is no longer funded, however we have a number of other programs that can help young drivers to safely develop their driving skills and confidence.

Contact our office for further information and availability.


Scheduling Issues?

The course does not have to be at the same time as in previous years. Days of attendance can be consecutive or separate.

Sometimes a day per week for 3 weeks is easier to slot into your school’s curriculum. Start and finish times can be varied and don’t need to be the same on each day.

Courses can be outside of school hours, weekends or even during school holidays - and at times to suit. If booking an afternoon-evening session, a Parent/Supervising Driver Session can also be included in the course. Parents can then finish at the same time as the students, so that return transport isn’t an issue.

Timing Issues?

If distance from the METEC facility doesn’t work with school start and finish times, consider an early departure from school and/or independent transport (public/parent) home, or both ways.

Cost Issues?

As METEC is a Not for Profit Community Organisation, we understand the financial pressures that schools and families can be challenged with and we do our best to keep prices affordable.

Transport Options

  • Parents can drop-off and pick-up students if attending from a local school
  • If 2 groups of students are attending at different times, consider using the bus to drop students for the second course to return with students from the first course.
  • Consider including a public transport component for added student benefit.

Combining Course Costs Options

Combine course types so that different year levels (students with or without a Learner Permit) can attend on the same day to minimise transport costs and teacher supervision.



We are located at
112 Colchester Rd Bayswater North
Vic 3153

We're at the gateway to the Yarra Valley, within easy reach of schools in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. Just under 15 minutes from Canterbury Rd exit, Eastlink.

METEC Driver Training is a Not for Profit Road Safety organisation committed to driver safety for over 40 years.