METEC is a Not-for-Profit Road Safety organisation offering Learner and Advanced Driving Courses and Education in Melbourne.

Founded in 1971, METEC operates with an independent Board of Management, General Manager, Administration team and over 30 expert Driving Instructors. Our Organisation has been actively lobbying government at all levels for many years on the importance of professional Driver Education and Training and was a key “driver” in the Victorian State Government’s Year 10 Driver education policy announced at our facility in 2014.

METEC Driver Training is committed to the Toward Zero initiative in reducing lives lost, particularly amongst young drivers, through on and off road driver training and education. Our facility, built on 25 acres of land, has 5km of private closed roads with built-in, real traffic features - such as intersections, traffic lights and roundabouts to provide the ideal, safe learner training facility for young drivers. For more advanced driver training we have a large car control area for those wishing to upgrade and/or increase their current driving skill levels and companies that include driver education and training as part of their Risk Management policy. METEC Driver Training is a VicRoads agency for Learner Permit Testing.

METEC Driver Training is the only dedicated Driver Training facility in Metropolitan Melbourne offering driver education and training for pre - Learner drivers to Senior group training and private reviews. Our Corporate low-risk driver education and training are an integral part of our offering.

METEC works closely with VicRoads, RoadSafe Victoria, Victoria Police, Government Departments and other industry regulatory bodies to enhance road safety and to foster a responsible approach to road use.

Our ABN: 45 758 335 759

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