METEC offers the highest quality of courses conducted by Expert Driving Instructors and is an essential part of any Risk Management policy for:

  • Corporate Driver Training
  • Safe & Defensive Driving
  • Towing Training Options Available

    Work related driving in Australia is a major risk exposure for employers.

    About 30% of all vehicles registered in Australia are used for business purposes and over 50% of all new vehicles are purchased initially for commercial use.

    The level of exposure to risk can be illustrated by research showing that about a third of all travel is work related and that fleet vehicles travel about 3 times the distance of the average private car.

    Data from the Australian Safety and Compensation Council (ASCC) indicates that vehicle accidents represent 41% of all compensated work fatalities. These figures include all vehicles, but highlight the significance of work related driving as a safety issue.

    Given this high risk profile, the benefits of a work related driving safety program can be significant and may include:

    • Reduced death and injury and all their related personal, social and economic costs
    • Greater productivity through increases in vehicle use
    • Greater ability to manage the fleet safely by using fleet safety and incident information.

    When should a company provide driver training for their employees?

    A proactive approach to driver safety sets the standards and priorities of an Organisation and reinforces a commitment to safety at a Leadership level. From a staff perspective it supports a strong culture of Workplace health and safety whilst engaging staff in training that is interactive, enjoyable and team building. Our courses are “hands-on” with a very low ratio of participant to Instructor, so your staff will be engaged for the duration of the course whilst enhancing their driving skills.

    Tailored Driving Course Benefits to the Employer:

    • Improved safety to employees and OH&S compliance
    • Fewer accidents in company vehicles - and lower insurance premiums
    • Improved job satisfaction, productivity and driver comfort behind the wheel
    • Increased driver awareness and decision-making by your employees when on the road
    • The development of a defensive driving culture.
    • We can include specific components tailored to your needs

    Talk to us today about specifically tailored driver training courses for:

    Company Cars • Towing (including small and heavy duty trailers, caravans and boats) • Professional Development in Safety Awareness Behind the Wheel • 4WD and All-Wheel Drive Vehicles • Mini Buses.

    National Certification can also be provided on most of these courses on request. *additional fee applies

    Course inclusions may include any or all of the following:

    • Attitudes and behaviour
    • Safe Driving Practices and Hazard Perception
    • Low Risk Driving Techniques
    • Fatigue Risk - including Alcohol and Drugs
    • Slalom
    • Emergency Braking
    • Overview of Vehicle Safety Features and How to use Them
    • Vehicle Position and Seating
    • Defensive Driving

    Options Available:

    • Catering for groups
    • Video Presentations and Classroom Theory
    • Practical Driver Training On-the-road
    • Weekday or Weekend Course Structure and Times.

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