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Learner Driver Course

Our Learner Driver Course is an affordable way to give the new driver in your life a head start on the roads. This course is for pre-Learner and Learner drivers with 0 to 20 hours of experience.

Please note: A Learner Permit is NOT required to participate in this course.

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This Learner Driver course is conducted on our 5 kilometre closed road circuit. Our facility is ideal for providing first time drivers with a safe, realistic driving environment. The course includes both practical and theoretical components.  There is also a parents/supervising driver session.

What's does the course cover?

Parents, this course will arm your son or daughter with essential basic driving skills; educate them in safe driving techniques, explain how the Logbook works, save you and your car from some stress and most importantly, help keep them safe on the roads!

Student safety is our number one priority at the METEC driving school. All of our practical training is conducted by fully qualified and registered instructors in dual-controlled vehicles.

Our affordable driver course is split into 2 steps:

  • Step 1 includes a parent session and a night drive for students
  • Step 2 runs all day. (Students can request a manual or automatic vehicle at time of booking the course.)

Practical Component

Our closed road track provides a learning environment that is realistic without the added pressure of public roads.
In this safe environment students can confidently cover topics including:

  • Driver set up
  • Operation of a vehicle
  • Moving off
  • Changing gears (manual vehicles)
  • Stopping
  • Steering techniques
  • Observation
  • Application of road rules
  • Vehicle manoeuvring
  • On Road Track Exercises

Theory Component

All of our theory sessions are conducted in our lecture theatres and classrooms that are fully equipped with interactive audio/visual equipment. Our theory sessions are facilitated by our road safety experts and include:

  • Road rules
  • Safe driving systems and techniques
  • The cause and effect of road trauma including drugs and alcohol, speed, fatigue, driver distraction etc
  • The Graduated Licensing System, including the 120 hour logbook requirements.

Learner Permit Testing?

METEC conducts Learner Permit testing on a regular basis during the week at our Vic Roads approved Learner Permit Testing Centre.

If a student attends a weekday learner course they can request a test upon registration.

Parent/Supervising Driver Session

Our parent/supervising driver session provides you with relevant information and tips needed to assist your learner on the road.  These sessions are facilitated by our METEC expert driving instructors and include topics such as:

  • Road rules.
  • The Graduated Licensing System, including the 120 hour logbook requirements.
  • Obligations and responsibilities of parents/supervising drivers.
  • Insurance.

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