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Defensive Driving Courses

Defensive driving courses are an excellent way to assist new learners in obtaining practical skills that will help keep them safe.  

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METEC offers three different defensive driving courses conducted at our Melbourne facility by our fully qualified driver training experts.

The METEC defensive driving courses on offer are: 

L"ROAD TO SOLO" – for logbook learner drivers with 30+ hours accumulated
P "DRIVING SOLO"  – for red “P” plate drivers
P "SOLO AND BEYOND" – for green “P” plate and fully licenced drivers


Defensive driving courses are an excellent way to assist new learners in obtaining practical skills that will help keep them safe.  

This course is designed for learner student drivers who have completed more than 30 hours of practice in their logbook.  It is designed to help learner drivers understand how to drive in a low risk manner.  We educate learners in essential techniques such as looking ahead, scanning the road/traffic and expecting the unexpected. 

The majority of the course is done out on public roads around the Yarra Valley.  We point out that defensive driving 1 is not a driving lesson, but a further opportunity for learner drivers to get a longer drive on a range of roads with the instruction of an experienced METEC road instructor.

This course includes:

  • Introduction to the course
  • Off-road assessment of the learner driver’s skills
  • Braking, parking and handbrake starts at the METEC facility
  • Classroom sessions and video presentations
  • Revision of road rules
  • Driving in traffic and defensive driving skills
  • Practical country driving on rural highways
  • Written assessment of the student’s progress 


This defensive driving course is designed for red “P” plate drivers who have recently passed their driving test.

It provides safe driving practice for new solo drivers and is a great course for young drivers to do in their own car.

Defensive driving 2 provides further opportunity for young drivers to understand what they need to do to keep themselves and others safe on the roads. As the course is carried out in the driver’s own vehicle, it enables the new driver to understand what they can do safely and importantly what they cannot do.


This defensive driving course is designed for green “P” plate drivers or drivers with a full licence who would wish to upgrade their skills on the road.

In this course our METEC road experts will test and improve your skills, help continue building on your general understanding of safe driving and give you a range of low risk strategies for you to practice and take away to keep you safe on our busy roads.  This course is carried out at the METEC facility and on public roads.


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