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Caravan & Trailer Towing Courses

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Caravan Towing Course

METEC Driver Training's full day course in how to safely tow a caravan for the first time is a must before travelling long distances with a van. Our course is ideal for those new to or interested in caravan towing in the future. It offers practical and informative advice from professional instructors and will help you understand all the aspects of caravan towing including: loading, hitching, relevant road laws and to how to reverse into that difficult site!

The course is carried out at METEC's 5km closed road circuit providing a safe environment to take your time learning how to reverse, park and drive safely with your van. METEC have single and double axle vans available for hire if necessary. 

Need to hire a van?

A hire van is available for your use on the day if unable to bring a van. 

The cost is $110 per day. Numbers and sizes of hire vans are limited.

Please advise your requirements when booking your course.

Trailer Towing Course

METEC's trailer towing course is tailored for drivers who have towed before but would like to learn techniques specific to the cargo they tow, with the view to making them more capable and safer drivers.

Horse Floats

METEC's course on how to tow a horse float is similar to the caravan towing course but with particular emphasis on towing a live, moving load. When towing a live load it is extremely important to ensure the safety of your animals. When we teach you how to tow a horse float we focus on ensuring the safety of both you and the horse.

You would need to provide your own horse float to do this course.


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