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Road Safety - School Courses

At METEC we are committed to reducing the road toll – particularly amongst young drivers - through on and off road safety education and training.

Our road safety school offers a wide range of programs for school groups ranging from 4.5 hours to 20 hours in duration - the most popular of these programs is our 12 hour composite course.

What will the students learn?

These courses aim to provide year 9-11 students with the basic practical and theoretical skills required for driving safely. Early road safety education has shown to produce positive driving attitudes in learner drivers as well as developing their higher order skills. On the completion of a METEC driving course most students find they have the ability to start on road practice with their parents/home supervisors.

Students learning road rules practice at our facility on private, closed roads. These roads include traffic features such as intersections, traffic lights and roundabouts to provide a realistic environment for learners. METEC also has a Vic Roads approved Learner Permit Testing Centre.

Practical Component

Our closed road facility provides a learning environment that is realistic yet without the added pressure that public roads bring. Topics covered in our practical component include:

  • Driver setup
  • Operation of vehicle controls
  • Moving off
  • Changing gears (manual vehicles)
  • Stopping
  • Steering techniques
  • Observation
  • Application of road rules
  • Vehicle manoeuvring

Student safety is our number one priority at METEC. All of our training is conducted by our road safety experts who are fully qualified, registered instructors.

Theory Component

All theory sessions are facilitated by our road safety experts and conducted in our METEC lecture theatres.
Our classrooms are fully equipped with inter-active audio/visual equipment to compliment the practical component of the training.
Topics covered in this road safety education include:

  • Road rules
  • Safe driving systems and techniques
  • The cause and effect of road trauma including drugs and alcohol, speed, fatigue, driver distraction etc
  • The Graduated Licensing System, including the 120 hour logbook requirements
  • Encouraging a positive and safe attitude to driving and other road users



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