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Courses for Companies

We design courses and programs to suit your particular needs and requirements; company cars, All-wheel drive vehicles, mini buses and towing courses for a range of vehicles.

Standard Courses:

Low Risk Driving; 4WD; Defensive; Towing & Special Needs

National Certification can also be provided on most of these courses.

An example of when a company should provide driver training for their employee would be if they are now required to drive a larger vehicles, or the company requires the employees to have national certification for Occupational Health and Safety purposes. 

There can be many benefits to an employer by offering a driving course tailored to their employee needs, that can lead to a great return on investment:

  • Improved job satisfaction as the employee will feel more comfortable driving their vehicle
  • Reduced chance of an accident – helps safeguard your employees
  • Increased awareness and decision making of your employees when on the road
  • The development of a defensive driving culture 

METEC corporate driver training focus is on defensive driving techniques and we are proud to offer one of the best advanced driving courses Melbourne has on offer!    


Why not contact us today to discuss how we can tailor an advanced driving course for your company?

Or, you may also be interested in our standard defensive driving courses