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About Us

METEC is a non-profit community organisation offering learner and advanced driving courses in Bayswater North. METEC was founded in 1971 and operates with an independent board of management.

At METEC Driver Training we are committed to reducing the road toll, particularly amongst young drivers, through on and off road training and education. Our facility, built on 25 acres of land, has 5km of private closed roads including traffic features like intersections, traffic lights & roundabouts to provide an ideal learner training facility. Our METEC facility also has a Vic Roads approved Learner Permit Testing Centre.

METEC works closely with Vic Roads, RoadSafe Victoria, Victoria Police, Government Departments, Insurance Companies and other industry regulatory bodies to maintain the objective of:

  • Enhancing road safety and to promote a responsible approach to road use, and
  • Providing training for learners, probationary drivers, school and corporate groups; defensive and advanced driving courses plus caravan, towing and 4WD courses as well as a safe driving course for seniors

Student safety is our number one priority at METEC. All of our training is conducted by our hand selected road safety education experts who are fully qualified, registered instructors.

Our advanced driving courses aim is to educate road users of all levels with an emphasis on:

  • The correct attitude towards the task and responsibility of driving
  • The correct way to handle a vehicle under different conditions
  • Recognising various road conditions and situations
  • Recognising hazards and necessary responses required
  • Driving techniques, particularly defensive and advanced driving
  • The effect of alcohol and drugs
  • Road laws
  • Preparedness
  • Patience
  • Legal and moral obligations
  • An awareness of general road safety

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